October 13, 2017 Yangon

Kent in the park in the rain

On this day there was an optional tour to the ancient town of Bago, but since Kent and I had been there when we were in Myanmar last year we skipped the excursion. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy, rainy and very humid so it was not a very nice day to do much exploring. We did take a walk across the street and around the lake in the rain. The park is very large and is located right in the middle of town surrounded by high rise buildings and high end neighborhoods because of the proximity to the lake.

In the afternoon we walked in a light rain and on very poor sidewalks to a neighborhood shopping mall a few blocks away. The mall was five stories tall and had a wide variety of merchandise like food, clothing, hair salons, appliances, housewares, jewelry, watches and more. It was very simple and not nearly as nice as any mall you might find in the states.

There was a plentiful farewell dinner in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant. We had egg rolls, barbecue pork and a fruit salad with shrimp. We then were served a corn soup. Main dishes included roast duck, sweet and sour fish, a beef dish, steamed vegetables, a fried noodle dish and white rice. Dessert was a custard dish and birthday cake from one of the guests who turned 75 years young. Wine, and tea were also served. It was a very nice celebration to complete our time in Myanmar before we headed to Laos the next day.