December 9, 2018 – Sea Day

The weather was still very warm and humid.  Although there were scattered clouds in the skies we avoided rain showers.

The morning included a virtual bridge/engine tour by our Captain, Fred Eversen. Captain Eversen is from the Netherlands and has quite a sense of humor. He has been one of the captains of the Amsterdam since 1980 so he is very knowledgeable about the operations of the ship.

Mark attended a cooking show with guest chef Felix Tai in America’s Test Kitchen. Felix, who is from Hawaii, prepared three types of Poke or raw fish cut into small squares.

For the special Sunday brunch sampler, we met up with Jim and Gail Fugate from Corpus Christie, TX. We have sailed with them on the 2013 World Cruise as well as the 2016 Far East Cruise.

In the afternoon Professor David Horner lectured on Douglass MacArthur and his life of service in the military, particularly in the Pacific with many years of service in the Philippines. He was quite a mama’s boy, taking his mother with him all over the world wherever he worked. He was married to socialites a couple of times but neither marriage lasted long.

Next, was a lecture by Joe Kess who spoke on the Voyages of Captain Cook. Captain Cook is considered the greatest explorer of the Pacific Ocean with many years of exploration and mapping of the Pacific from the northwest passage to Antarctica and from Australia to Cape Horn.

For dinner we met up with Chris and Andrea who are from Canada and have spent the last year traveling the world. We met them the first night they were on the ship in Sydney, although we had not seen much of them onboard. We seem to go in different directions at different times.

The evening’s entertainment was an Australian vocalist and recording artist by the name of Alana Conway. In addition to singing beautifully, she plays the harp. She has a soft speaking voice but she can sure belt out the songs.